Watch This Now: Katy B – “Katy on a Mission”

“My limbs seem to move what the beat dictates to me…”

Welcome to another week, and here’s an interesting one that’s beentaking the U.K. by storm but is slowly starting to make waves here in Australia. The name is Katy B, and she’s mixing stylish pop vocals with some pretty heavy/thudding dance music, with elements of garage, grime and dubstep. Needless to say, it’s a tasty cocktail – and her debut video is certainly assisting things.

What I’ve found recently is that it’s hard to translate the energy of a pulsing, sweaty room of dance music. As far as music videos within the mainstream go, this one manages to get reasonably close. It also manages to do it with a sense of style – the editing is excellent, fading in and out with different blurs and flash cuts. It can get a bit trippy at times, and that’s more or less exactly the point. Very cool video – hopefully we’ll see it get a bit more of a spin within the limited reach of Australian music television very soon!


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