Watch This If You Dare: Birds of Tokyo – “Circles”

“He keeps tapping on my shoulder, telling me it’s over…”

Got a bit of a chicken and egg conundrum here, tieing in pretty weakly with the band’s name. Have Birds of Tokyo always been as bland, weak and generally awful as they currently are – or have I, and many other pissed off fans, just grown less and less tolerant of their general fuckery? First came the bland singles, then the terrible album, then the awful live shows and the complete fuck over of Silversun Pickups on their national tour. Now, their bassist (the one with the fuck off sideburns who looks like a pro wrestler) has dutifully fucked off from the band. Whether it’s because of this piece of shit video or not is anyone’s guess, but I’d like to think it was a strong contributing factor.

So, there’s a giant bird with human clothes on. It doesn’t fly. Nah, prefers to ride bikes. Until it throws the bike away. Then he goes and plays pinball. Pretty exciting fucking man-bird we’ve got on our hands here, kids. That’s literally all that happens in this wank fest, and it really is enough to make one want to punch out a screen if they had the energy. Any energy required to do as such is drained by the boring bullshit of the song itself. Seriously, how did things get this bad? Or, as previously questioned, has it always been this way? Whatever the answer, we can all agree on one thing: fuck Birds of Tokyo.


4 responses

  1. Would you be quiet about hating on Birds Of Tokyo? I don’t fucking bitch about all the bands I hate that you like


  2. Birds of Tokyo are pretty much the worst Australian band.

    1. They’re pretty bad, but dude…Short Stack?


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