Watch This Now: Totally Unicorn – “Daddy’s Stabby Surprise”

You there, filthy commoner! D’ya like DICKS? D’ya like to party? Well, allow me to introduce you to the dudes who do both of those things best – Totally freakin’ Unicorn! They’re about to head out on tour with Let Me Down Jungleman, Gently on a tour called The Dick Party tour. Great, you say! But how exactly DOES one have a dick party? Thankfully, the hirsute gents of the band have put this instructional video together for us all to enjoy.

Now, as one might suspect, there’s a lot of dick in this video. There’s also shirtlessness, chest hair, beer, hats, a dog, a snare drum, underwear, tongues and a swimming pool! Now, if that doesn’t get you excited to have a goddamn motherfucking dick party, I don’t know what will. This was originally going to be embedded from YouTube, but their video was taken down within a record three hours. We’ve now got it on Vimeo…for now. So watch this motherfucker while it lasts, and come have a dick party with the dickiest partiers there are.

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