Old Favourites: Ween – “Freedom of ’76”

“Liberty bell cracked in half, a bacon steak, a perfect match…”

I’m ending the week feeling very excited but also a little nervous. Tonight, I make my return to the Town Hall Hotel in Newtown – the Townie, to the locals – to take part in Ween Keen 3, a tribute night to the one and only Ween! If you’re in Sydney, PLEASE come down – it’s free and there’s a lot of cool acts playing, starting at about 8. Otherwise, feel free to enjoy this cracking vid from the band’s Chocolate and Cheese era; personally probably my favourite Ween record.

So, here are Dean and Gene Ween, stealing a bell from a tower. Pretty standard, right? This is an interesting one, given the band are prone to some really weird shit in their videos and nothing of the sort really happens this time. Lots of slow-motion shots and the two visually regretting their decisions as they’re whisked away in a police car. The twist at the end, however, suggests they might have a chance of getting out alive – but you’ll have to watch in order to see what it is. Also of note is the very funny dream sequence, in which the “Bell Brothers” are rowing across a lake with the bell in the middle of their rowboat. No-one makes music, or music videos, quite like Ween.


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  1. such a great song & clip its gonna be a fun night! 🙂

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