Old Favourites: Massive Attack feat. Tracy Thorn – “Protection”

“I’ll stand in front of you, and take the force of the blow…”

When it comes to Massive Attack, I have to admit – as a fan, I’m really not all that massive. I love many of their singles, but find most of their albums incredibly hard to get through; and get bored with the songs that don’t feature guest vocalists. I have to say, though, I’ve got massive respect for their legacy – and I also have quite a thing for some of their music videos, too; especially the one you’re about to see.

This is a very clever one-take video. The kind in which everything needs to go exactly right exactly as the camera is rolling. It’s smartly edited and very cool in its oddball concept, documenting a bizarre neighbourhood which shares the same apartment building. If you pay close attention, all the residents are either lying down or are on their side, allowing more genius panning from apartment to apartment.

Tracy Thorn, she of Everything But the Girl fame, sings lead on this track and also stars in the video. She’s probably had countless years of experience in playing the morose, longing vocalist in videos but I feel that here she could well be at her most convincing. It’s just a beautifully done video, and one that I find new reasons to love every time I watch it. Maybe you’ll feel the same…


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