Watch This Now: Die Antwoord – “Rich Bitch”

“I shop at Woolworths, with my own paper…”

Morning! Here’s a killer new vid from South Africa’s finest export. I know I’ve had my doubts about these guys in the past, but I can guaran-damn-tee that after catching them live at the Big Day Out – as well as wiping the floor with M.I.A. at her own fucking show – these guys are the real deal. We’re now onto the third single from the band’s $O$ record, and it’s about time the shorter and more strangely-sexy/sexily-strange member of the group, Yo Landi Vi$$er, got her time to shine.

How much you enjoy this video is directly linked to how seriously you take it. The golden underpants, the creepy montage in the second verse, the angel halo…it’s definitely not the right introduction for anyone who’s unfamiliar with the Antwoord. For fans, however, this is just more batshit insanity that is easy to love and laugh along with, never at. See what you think, anyway –  just be warned that it might just get a little freaky!


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