Watch This Now: Jack R. Reilly – “Where’s Fluffy?”

“My jeans are faded and stained, and I know yours are too…”

From his days as a long, black-haired metalhead to his current adorable acoustic self, I have known Mr. Jack R. Reilly for many, many years. No matter what stage he’s been in or at, he has been much, much cooler than me, but I’m still given a hug and some conversation everytime we see one another. So when it came to him making his first ever video, there was no bloody way I was going to let it pass up!

This video is super-cute and super-low-budget, as we watch our hero go about his day at some crazy mega-fast speed. He cleans up his room, changes shirts and surfs the web. That’s about it, which probably sounds quite boring. In actuality, though, that’s the charm of it all. He just let the camera run, sped it up and hey presto! Too easy. It’s a great excercise in what one can do with essentially no means to make a proper video, and that’s why I love it. You’re the man, Jack, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


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