Watch This Now: The Strokes – “Under Cover of Darkness”

“At your best, it’s a nightmare – so I’m joining the army…”

Gotta be honest – I’ve never picked The Strokes as a classy band. Rocking, yes; cool, undoubtedly. But classy? Surely they couldn’t be. Alas, I’ve very much been proven wrong with the band’s slick new video for the first single from their long-awaited comeback album, Angles.

For one thing, the boys scrub up considerably – especially the notoriously sexy Fab Moretti and the quiet guitarist Nick Valensi. H’oh-damn! The band are essentially performing in a very sleek looking old mansion, before moving on to centre stage of what appears to be a recital hall. It’s a very clean, very stylish video – definitely not what we’ve come to expect from these guys. Hell, the most rock thing that happens is Julian Casablancas hurling a mic stand – perhaps a tribute to the Last Nite video? – as he sings the line “everyone’s been singing the same song for ten years.” Hmm, what are they trying to say? That their work post-Is This It is ignored or underappreciated? Very interesting use of symbolism.

Regardless, it’s very nice – even if it basically a four minute perv session (tips hat, “lllladies”). See what you think!


2 responses

  1. Love that music video! I basically watch it at least once a day 🙂 Did you see their performance on SNL? They sound better than ever!

    1. Thanks for that link, Erin, didn’t get to see that!


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