Old Favourites: Frank Black – “Headache”

“My heart is crammed in my cranium, and it still knows how to pound…”

Does Frank Black – aka Black Francis, aka Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV really hate music videos? Back in his earlier days with the legendary Pixies, the band made their positions pretty clear – hell, bassist Kim Deal was once quoted as saying that “any band who signs a contract has sold out.” Jeez. The band made videos, but they were always ironically half-arsed – Here Comes Your Man had Francis and Deal singing the words simply by opening their mouths; while Velouria was roughly forty seconds footage of the band running down a rocky bay turned into super-slow-mo in order to fit the length of the song. When FB started kicking it solo, however, things were a little different. I honestly think the guy has been screwing with us this entire time!

This is a great video, purely for the display of classic craziness that could only really come from the mind of Black Francis. There’s multiple, dancing copies of himself, some really freaky close-ups and – at one point – he even gets to fly! How cool is that? If you’ve never checked him out beyond the Pixies, then here is a perfect place to start!

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