Watch This Now: Sparkadia – “China”

“I’ll give nothing away, but expect her to stay…”

It’s just a few weeks before Mr. Alex Burnett – better known these days as Sparkadia – heads out on the road to promote the second Sparkadia album, The Great Impression. He’ll be taking my mates Operator Please and Alpine with him, and I simply cannot wait. In the meantime, I thought I’d share his awesome new video for China, in order to whet your appetite for the shows. And if you don’t want to see Sparkadia live after checking this out, I’ll find a hat to eat!

Here, we find Alex and a couple of special friends in a variety of interesting locations doing even more peculiar things – you’ll see masked drumming, slow-motion balloon popping and riding in the backseat of a car with no seatbelt, amongst other things. It’s a very weird vid the first few times you watch it, and not a great deal of it makes any sense. After a while, however, it all becomes really strangely beautiful. One of my favourite videos of the year already from one of my favourite acts – get amongst it!


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