Watch This Now: Lady Gaga – “Born This Way”

“Don’t be a drag, just be a queen…”

Really, were you expecting that I’d just let this one drop by the wayside? Fat fucking chance, sister – Gaga is a long-time friend of Y,WGAV!; especially after taking out the “enviable” pole position in my Top 30 Videos of 2010. With her new sci-fi epic, Born This Way, I’m not too sure if she’s made something that will end up topping the end-of-year list just yet. That said, it’s another fabulously entertaining prospect that’s once again a must-see.

I’m not too sure what she’s going for from a conceptual point of view – something about a different breed of humans from what I can gather? It’s completely farfetched, but the beauty of the video lies in the dazzling choreography and the brilliantly busy editing job – so many costumes, so little time! I’ve found this one to definitely be an improvement over the Alejandro video, which I’m sure we can all agree was a weak effort for all involved. This is much more focused, flashy and just downright fun! What’s not to love? Sure to get people talking too, I’m sure – although probably not as much as Telephone did. Take a look for yourself and see where you stand – if you haven’t made up your mind already, of course.


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  1. […] of Gaga – she took out the top spot in my Top 30 Videos of 2010, and I loved the video for Born This Way not too long ago. This time around, however, I’m kind of conflicted. I’ve grown […]

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