The Cringe: The Europeans – “Animal Song”

“We are animals, anytime we speak…”

I’ve been meaning to write about this atrocity for quite some time. Longtime follower of the blog – and serial devotee to all things old school, both good and bad – Mr. Ryan Towers gave me a link to this video awhile ago. I’ve only recently recovered from the shock, and am now finally getting around to fully comprehending just how terrible this video really is. Let’s take you all back to 1982…

Now, here’s what happens in this video. Dudes get into leotards, wear plastic masks and generally have a bit of a creep around. They sit around a table, they wave their fingers at the camera and, at one point, carves up an apple in a weird, sexual way. Everything about this video creeps me out – there’s a major sexual tension between them, and watching  it just feels like some kind of international sex crime. Sure, it was the early 80s and everyone was trying some weird shit in pop music, but I can pretty much guarantee that NO-ONE else got this weird. It’s just…ahh, I can’t deal with this anymore. Towers, you’ve cursed me for life.

Also of interest: Beavis and Butthead‘s review of the clip as a part of their “suckiest music videos” series:

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  1. […] friend of the blog, Mr. Ryan Towers. Not content with infecting me with horrid shit like LMFAO and The Europeans, he’s now decided to refocus my attention on one of the more embarrassing post-grunge turds […]

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