Watch This Now: The Jim Jones Revue – “Dishonest John”

“I know you’re thinking you’re good as gold…”

If you didn’t have the privilege of meeting the man at the Big Day Out, allow me to introduce you to Jim Jones – one of the sexiest rock and roll motherfuckers you mayever come across. That’s him in the middle, and this is his band – The Jim Jones Revue. It’s the Devil’s music as played by the Devil himself, and it also gets a pretty snazzy vid to go along with it.

Here, our hero simultaneously rocks the house and ends up with a tonne of ladies. Ohhh yes, if there’s one thing our mate Jim loves it’s the ladies. As this video shows, however, one too many a lady certainly has its consequences. It’s a fun, dirty rock & roll video from probably the best act doing it right now. Get amongst it!


2 responses

  1. Where’s the video??? I can’t see it on the page or do I have to click somewhere else?

    1. Hi mate,

      I’ve updated the post with the video embedded – thanks for bringing it to my attention! Enjoy the video!


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