Watch This Now: Best Coast – “Crazy for You”

“Maybe I’m just crazy, crazy for you baby…”

Woo! Tonight I get to see quite possibly the world’s foremost weed/cat enthusiast, Ms. Bethany Cosentinobetter known to the world as Best Coast! Her show at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory has been sold out for months in advance, and hopefully it should be a really fun show if the videos I’ve been watching are anything to go by. Aside from her live stuff, I also recently came across the adorable video for the album’s title track, and figured it would be perfect to tell you all about!

Crazy For You is one of those classic video-within-a-video types of video. Say video again. Video. Love it. Anyway, the video is directed by a freakin’ CAT! And CATS make up the entire production team of the video-within-the-video! How much more convincing do you need to scroll down, let that red line get all the way to the end and rock that replay button? Go go go! Hope to see some of you at the gig tonight – I got a feeling it’s gonna be crazy good fun.


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