Watch This Now: Britney Spears – “Hold It Against Me”

“If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?”

Top of the morning, sports fans! Well, video fans at least. I’m willing to bet few of you are Britney fans to begin with, but with this new video having just dropped a matter of days ago – and me being the Brit freak that I am – I couldn’t help myself with this video. It’s not her best by any stretch of the imagination. But is it the best she could possible do right now? You bet your sweet bippy.

It’s fierce and ambitious, even if it’s faltered by product placement (I won’t mention the brands because you’ll see at least three). Watch on with head slightly tilted as our hero Brit is portrayed as an alien sent to earth to become a pop sensation…hmm, as you do. It’s bright and flashy, but also quite cleverly edited in parts – watch out for the scene during the song’s now-infamous dubstep breakdown which sees parts of Britney’s old videos sync up perfectly with the chopped-and-screwed vocals. Bit eerie, actually, but it’s all apart of the master plan. What else would you expect from my current favourite director, Jonas Åkerlund? I mean, the guy created my video of the year for 2010 – and who knows, maybe he’ll create my favourite of 2011? This has been getting some mixed receptions, but I’m leaning towards the more positive side of the fence as it stands. God love you, Åkerlund!


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  1. […] the past few years – including the multiple costumes of Womanizer and the robo-craziness of Hold It Against Me – but hasn’t made something truly ass-kickingly awesome that could come into the league […]

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