Old Favourites: Tunng – “Hustle”

“And I will ride you home drunken in the rain, and you will win again and again…”

So, over the weekend I got to see a band I didn’t really know much about, Tunng. I’d heard a song or two over the years, and had given their latest album, …And Then We Saw Land, a bit of a spin; but aside from that they were just an intriguing mystery. I’m SO glad I went – it was remarkable fun, and they were just perfect live. I thought I’d do my bit to show you the band in case you’re out of the loop. This video is for the first track of the aforementioned We Saw Land record, and sees the band performing in the peculiar location of a waiting room. What they’re all waiting for exactly is never quite revealed, but that’s what makes the video for me. It’s kind of beautiful, in a way – much like the band and their music!


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