Watch This Now: Brendan Maclean – “Cold and Happy”

“I found ten bucks, I’ll take you out for a feast…”

Somewhere in the back of my mind is a list of people I’d rather be apart from myself. It’s somewhat long, but if you looked hard enough you’d certainly find Mr. Brendan Maclean somewhere near the top. The dude has it all – humour, talent, popularity and some of my all-time favourite songs attached to his name. Now you can also add a killer music video – his third, in fact!

Y,WGAV!’s first ever video blogged about was none other than his Practically Wasted video, which eventually made it into our top ten videos of the year! He’s now followed it up with a seemingly innocent little video set at bingo night and a stack of old people playing their game – whether that be bingo or chess or whatever else have you. A certain wobbly food coming into play changes that around mid-song, so make sure you watch it below to find out exactly what goes down. As I’ve said on many, many occasions, I love Brendan and his music. I’m blessed to even be acquainted with the guy. Watch!


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