Watch This Now: Tim and Jean – “I Can Show You”

“Tired of all the stupid games, nothing seems to ever change…”

Morning, all! How was your weekend? Mine was killer – I went to the Good Vibrations Festival and I got to bear witness to some awesome acts; a few of which I’ll definitely be blogging about through the week. Thought I’d start off with a couple of dudes I’ve seen live five times that I’m now also proud to call mates. Tim & Jean are two Perth kids that take that synth-heavy, long-live-the-80s kind of pop sound and make it their own; and now they’ve got a shiny new video to show for it, too!

In essense, Tim (Ayre) and Jean (Capotorto) get in a convertible car and drive around the desert, occasionally stopping either to perform or just to look cool in sunglasses. Gotta say, plotless wonders rarely look this good – the locations are really nice, reflected through some great cinematography; and it just looks like it was a really fun video to make – even though it was probably scorching for most of the days of filming! A very cool new video from a band I just know are going to make 2011 their year. Look out for Like What, their debut album, which is set to drop on April Fool’s Day – f’real!

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