Watch This Now: Dan Mangan – “Sold”

“So I gave up all my wretched thoughts, and left them out for the less fortunate…”

So, you might not know it but I FUCKING LOVE DAN MANGAN. It’s actually kind of sad how much of a Fangan I am – and it’s even sadder that I coined that fucking term! For Chrissake, I know what song the guy is going to play by where he puts his capo…it’s nothing short of ridiculous. Still, there’s a reason I love his stuff so much, and why I keep coming back to his shows (five times and counting). It’s his remarkable storytelling – whether he’s doing that through his music or his between-song banter, it’s always charming and delightful.

The same can be applied to all the videos that he’s made in support of his second album Nice, Nice, Very Nice. For the fourth and possibly final video, Sold, our hero Dan goes on an adventure through the local supermarket. It’s hilarious and just a little bit insane – discussion of apples, a cameo from Dan’s bassist as a mad chemist, giant marshmallows used as a trampoline and a not-so-subtle stab at Miley Cyrus is just some of the many things that this video has to offer. Separately, that’s probably just one big ol’ headscratch. Understandable. Only one way to resolve that – watch it! And watch it again!


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  1. […] that… is that Dan bloody Mangan? Again? What is this, your sixth time here? We must really like you, Dan. Not many other people get that kind of love around these parts. There must be something […]

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