Old Favourites: VHS or Beta – “Night on Fire”

“Put your hands together and we’ll light this night, we’ll light this night on fire…”

I told you shit was gonna get retro! First the Beta Band, and now a Beta band of a different kind – Kentucky’s VHS or Beta, who first came to my attention in the glorious year that was…you guessed it, 2004. It’s another performance video, but what I love about this is how this kind of introduced me to a specific kind of coolness – the not-giving-a-fuck cool.

The guitarist swaggers about in his own little corner, always with a scowl on his face. The bassist is in the groove, but won’t crack a smile. The drummer is stonefaced as he blasts around a fucking sick electronic kit. The frontman – with thirteen-year-old me getting really excited at an Asian rock singer, “Wow! That’s different!” – stomps his heels a bit but he’s focused on one thing above all else – looking like a cool motherfucker.

Sure, it’s a bit contrived, but as soon as I saw this video I knew exactly who I wanted to be like – VHS or friggin’ Beta. Hell, I was so young I didn’t even get the reference in the band name! Not that it mattered – this is one cooooooool video.


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