Watch This Now: Fishing – “OoOo”

“Yeahhhhh…(okay, this song doesn’t actually have lyrics)”

When they’re not busy with their adorable indie pop band We Say Bamboulee, the team of Doug Wright (brother of Cloud Control‘s Alister) and Russell Fitzgibbon get a little bit freaky behind some laptops and samplers and work under the name Fishing. It’s really, really awesome – I’ve seen these guys three times and each time I’ve gotten more and more into it. I find that the more you get dancing to their kind of music, the better it becomes. Someone must have picked up on that for the band’s first ever video – it involves a lot of footage of dancing!

Here’s the gist of what goes down in oOoO: projections of all kinds of dancing are…well, projected…onto a series of hands. It’s really cleverly done and amazingly manages to sync up with the beat of the song most of the time. There’s plenty of trippy shit going on with those hands, too, keep an eye out for them! Anyway, not much more to say, except PLEASE check these guys out. Very much worthy of your support!

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