Old Favourites: The Beta Band – “Out-Side”

“And it seems so very simple that I don’t think that I can tell you…”

If you’re gonna go out, go out with a friggin’ bang, people! It’s a lesson that was very much heeded by Scotland’s The Beta Band, who unexpectedly decided to split up after eight years of being a band shortly after the release of their album Heroes to Zeros in April of 2004. This was the second single off the album, and was eventually revealed to be the final video the band would ever do. Surely they must have known it in the back of their heads, because this is amazingly clever and probably the best video the band ever released.

The video is seemingly one take, zooming in and out on various situations and seemingly slipping into different times and places whilst doing so. It goes from train carriages to an outside news broadcast, from a swimming pool to a bizarre re-enactment of The Wizard of Oz…it’s unpredictable, quickly-paced and a little bit insane. What a way to not only end an indie-rock legacy, but also to cement it.


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