Watch This Now: Two Door Cinema Club – “What You Know”

“In a few weeks, I will get time to realise it’s right before my eyes…”

You know you’ve made a great pop album when literally half of the record is released as singles, and that’s pretty much what has happened with Irish kids Two Door Cinema Club and their little piece of runaway success, Tourist History. This is the fifth single from the ten-track album – and the scary part is that they could probably release even more if they wanted. The songs are just that good.

All the while, they’ve been making some especially funky videos to go along with it, too. Try this one on for size: there’s some cute dancing, sharp suits and a really cool studio set in which they’ve filmed the shenanigans. My favourite parts include the cheerleaders and the band’s adorable frontman Alex Trimble just going for a stroll while he sings – but I think the best thing is that you can pick a new favourite thing pretty much each time you watch the vid! Keep on rolling, TDCC – it don’t get much better than this.

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