Old Favourites: Pink Grease – “The Pink G.R.Ease”

“Call the fire engines, ’cause I think somebody’s arse is gonna get LIT UP!”

Around the mid-2000s, I had what can only be described as an unhealthy obsession with rage. It might seem weird now, but I’m so glad I did – it completely expanded my music tastes and knowledge, and it also really enhanced my steamy love affair with music videos. Anyway, I want to take you back to the very peak of the obsession, around mid-2004. I’d already grown familiar with U.K. glam-punks Pink Grease through their track Fever and album This is For Real, both of which got a bit of airtime on Triple J. Really, though, if you were going to experience anything from Pink Grease, it had to be their fucking anthem.

This is a performance video, yes, but with a very nice twist. I won’t give it away if you haven’t checked this out before, but things do get a little…undead. You’ll see what I mean. A fiercely fucking cool vid from a band that sadly never got off the ground. I wonder what they’re up to now – anyone? Seriously, if you know where the guys from Pink Grease are or what they’re up to now, please get in contact with the blog! I’d love to know.


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