Watch This If You Dare: Sarah McLeod – “Dancing in the Dark”

Pictured: McLeod at one of her own shows?

“I wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face…”

Anyone remember The Superjesus? Yeah, flash-in-the-pan 90s kids with one good album. Well, Sarah McLeod, their singer, tried doing the solo thing around 2005 or so and it…well…wasn’t very good. Like most flash-in-the-pan 90s acts, she’s now tried her hand at reinvention. I honestly didn’t think things could get any worse for Sarah, but then this happened. I really, really wish this didn’t happen.

The song itself is bad enough – incase you didn’t recognise the title, McLeod has gone after Springsteen and turned his awesome eighties pop-rock smash into some trashy darkwave rubbish that sounds like it was put together on Garage Band in demo version. Pair it with this video, however, and things just get pure tragic. It’s the little things – McLeod recording vocals on her bed, writing music without the correct paper (literallly just drawing staphs and klephs as she pleases), wearing sleeveless AC/DC shirts like a “real” rawkstar. The most hilarious thing, though, is the perfectly placed shots of her ARIAs and Jack awards. What a fucking glory hound. “Oh wow, look at how fucking cool I am!” No-one cares about your awards, sweetie, it’s not nineteen-ninety-whatever or whichever year you were fucking relevant. This reeks of midlife crisis, and it’s stinking up my blog. Worst.


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  1. oh dear…hideous on so many levels

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