Top 30 Videos of 2010: 15 – 11

15. Crowded House – Saturday Sun

Neil Finn, you diabolical. Did not see a vide of this level of awesomeness coming from these guys. In one of the more trippy video sequences of 2010, the members of the Crowdies painted themselves blue and inverted the colours on their video in which they perform, hang around pools and generally look a bit weird. 100% guaranteed freak out material right  here, people! This video was also the debut of Neil’s moustache, which was pretty divisive amongst longtime fans. I thought it made him look like a bit of a dude, but judge for yourself.

14. Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime

How do you make one of the catchiest dance songs of 2010 even better? Simple: add MILFs. Given how well the adventures of this particular cougar on the prowl worked with this banger for its music video, one can’t help but be surprised that no-one had really thought of it sooner. After putting her kids to bed, our heroine goes out in search of some fresh meat and finds it in the club. It doesn’t exactly sound like the most riveting concept on paper, but in a way that’s exactly why it worked so well.

13. Adam Lambert – Whataya Want From Me

It’s pretty amazing that this video stood the test of time after being released only fifteen days into 2010. An arresting, enigmatic and powerful pop video saw Lambert arguing with the camera – or whomever’s perspective we are watching from. We’re caught up in the moment and only get momentary relief as the action pans to Lambert rocking out with his band. This definitely isn’t normally my thing, but what’s so brilliant about this video is how involved in it you become – wanting to know what’s happened, where you are, why Adam is so furious with you. As far as mainstream pop goes, it was pretty outlandish and bold to create something like this.

12. Janelle Monae – Cold War

Bare, stripped to the core and amazingly confronting, this face-to-face video is all that was needed for this song. Janelle says every last word to your face in a way that only she can. It’s nothing short of remarkable. Enough said. View my original post on the video here.

11. Gotye – Eyes Wide Open

Whatever you take this video for – social commentary, an adventure through a new universe or just simply another stunningly cool animation from the team that brought us the brilliant Hearts A Mess video – Wally deBacker once again completely nailed it. This one just got better and better with each viewing – truly a trait of a great music video – and its creativity is simply undeniable. Can’t wait to see where he goes next in 2011.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the top 10!!

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