Watch This Now: Andy Bull – “Phantom Pains”

“Yesterday, I woke myself with such an awful feeling…”

Welcome back to Y,WGAV! for 2011! More information about the Top 30 Videos of the Year later on in the week, but I thought I’d kick off the year with a great Aussie artist. Last year (ooh, exciting! I can say “last year” now!), I did a blog about Andy Bull and his video for Young Man – at the time, he didn’t have a video to promote anything off his Phantom Pains EP. As you can see, the tide has turned since that blog!

This is a decidedly bizarre video involving paintball suits, blood, some crazy dude and the chopping off of one’s thumb. Watch it once and it makes no sense, watch it twice and it makes a little bit of sense, and then from the third viewing onwards it goes back to making no sense! Whatever your interpretation, it’s incredibly intriguing, well-shot and certain to get heads turned.


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