Watch This Now: Baker Trouble feat. Brotha May and Micachu – “Fine”

“Never ever mind, as long as everything stays fine…”

Just when I thought I was safe for the rest of the year, my old friend Mica Levi – best known as Micachu – whacks this up on her page, not only introducing me to two of the best new MCs I’ve heard in quite some time, but also putting together a very cool low-budget video very much worthy of your attention.

The three people involved in the song – Mica, Baker Trouble and Brotha May, essentially spend the entire video getting ready to escape into yet another nine-to-five. Suited up around the breakfast table, they rap about their struggles as some rough imagery comes through – particularly for Mica, who cuts herself shaving and is seen drinking what appears to be whiskey first thing in the morning.

This is exactly the kind of hip-hop I’m into right now – no polish, no friendliness, just nasty music with a resonating message for all who listen. A really clever, interesting video – definitely going to check out more of these guys in 2011!


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