Takin’ 5: Must-See at Peats Ridge

This will be my very last post of the year! Tomorrow I’m heading up to the Peats Ridge festival with a friend, and it looks like it’s going to be an amazing couple of days of peace, love and music. I’m really excited to see a few of these musicians, so I’ve decided to put together a top five of my favourite videos from my favourite Peats artists.

5. PVT – Window

Take a walk on the wildside with one of the coolest bands in the country and their first video under their new, vowel-less name. It’s one thing to shoot a live performance video, but to do one as a point-of-view piece with cameras on the band’s fucking heads is just plain awesome.

4. Parades – Loserspeak in New Tongue

Inspired, beautiful, one of a kind. Parades have to be the best band in Australia right now. This video perfectly reflects that.

3. Dan Mangan – Robots

In case you didn’t know, I’m juuuuust a little obsessed with Dan Mangan and his wonderful ways. Of the videos he made for the Nice, Nice, Very Nice record, I think I love this one the most – a hilarious take on 80s gang movies with an adorable twist.

2. Washington – Rich Kids

The reigning pop goddess of Australian music, move the fuck out of the way Debutt Mauboy. We got zombies, we got piano, we got one very sexy party up in this bitch. Please get amongst it! For the good of the land!

1. Lightspeed Champion – Galaxy of the Lost

Sadly, I’ve just heard that Dev is having trouble getting out of New York. I really hope he gets here in time, though – I’ve been waiting years to finally see him live! This video best sums up his creativity, his imagination and his overall brilliance.

See you all in 2011, and thank you SO much for your support this year!



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  1. […] that… is that Dan bloody Mangan? Again? What is this, your sixth time here? We must really like you, Dan. Not many other people get that kind of love around these parts. There must be […]

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