Watch This If You Dare: Train – “Shake Up Christmas”

“Wake up the happiness, shake up the happiness, it’s Christmas time…”

Didn’t think the whole “Train are back and there’s nothing you can do about it” situation could get a whole lot worse? Man, you just weren’t thinking hard enough, were you? They’ve now taken Coca Cola’s Open Happiness song and turned it into a fucking pop-reggae Christmas song. Let’s just let that sentence itself marinate for just a few seconds…and now onto the video.

It starts out the front of a Train gig with lead leatherface Pat Monaghan saying “ho ho ho” – creepy on the best of days, right? It then sees Santa fuck everything up with his crystal ball that apparently shifts the dynamics of earth itself when it’s shaken. Cute girl in need of tickets falls into cute boy with spare ticket. People outside the “sold out” show – shyeah, right! – have the gate knocked over so they can crash the gig. It’s all sickly sweet and the exact kindof self-grandeurising shit that both Train and Coca-Cola would be into. Sadly no subliminal advertising, but I’m sure you get the idea.


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