The Cringe: Wham! – “Last Christmas”

“Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…”

Happy Christmas eve, gang! Let’s get into the festivities with one of the most truly cringeworthy Christmas singles of all time – George Michael and The Other Dude That No-one Remembers, better known collectively as Wham!

In this thrilling little escapade, George brings a girl to a ski lodge – shyeah right, George! -and they, as well as a bunch of friends, go skiing and set up the tree and bring in firewood and shit. Also at this party is George’s ex-girl – again, shyeah right! – and they exchange a few forlorn glances at one another. General frollicking about in the snow follows.

All in all, a pretty boring video, but a few things stick out about it that qualify it for The Cringe. Firstly, the scene where everyone is having fun with a snowball fight while George is brooding…in a parka. How in fuck do you BROOD in a PARKA? It just doesn’t click – the parka is so warm and lovely and happy! Bloody hell, George. Also, the fashion here is just awful – the colours are blinding, the hair is atrocious, it’s an eighties affair in the very very worst possible way. How this was ever considered cool or heartfelt – not to mention how George was ever considered a “ladies man” – is one of life’s greatest enigmas…


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