The Cringe: Short Stack – “Sweet December”

“I don’t think I remember a taste as sweet as this December…”

It’s been just over a year since this (just in time for) Christmas single dropped from quite possibly the worst band to come out of Australia in the past twenty years – Short Stack. Okay, so it doesn’t technically deal with Christmas, though what else could Shaun Diviney be moaning about when he whines lyrics like “I’m coming home/to be your sweet December.” I’m Coming Home for Christmas, anyone?

Anyway, the symbolism goes a bit further when they burn a fucking Christmas tree in the video for some fucktarded reason. The band prims and poses like the inbred hicks that they are, and the world begrudgingly keeps turning. See how long you can watch this video without the following exact though springing into your head: “…fuck it. Someone needs to die.” Your time starts…now.


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