Old Favourites: Peter Gabriel – “Sledgehammer”

“You could have a big dipper, going up and down, all around the bend…”

Oh, come ON! This is a motherfucking music video blog, ladies and gentlemen – and it was never a matter of if you’d ever see Peter Gabriel featured, but when. That time, friends, is now. And if you’ve never experienced what is possibly the video of the eighties, then you’re in for one hell of a treat.

Taken from his ’86 record So, the former Genesis frontman took music videos to the next level with this display of virtual insanity. He used clay, animation, stop-motion, the works…the video goes all over the place as it visualises both literal interpretations of the lyrics as well as a few moments of what can only be described as batshit insanity. Keep an eye out for the eggs and chickens during the instrumental break, as well as my persona favourite moment -the crazy dancing in the morphsuit (yeah, Peter did morphsuits before they were cool!) as the lights go out and it looks as though he’s in fucking space. Whether you’re high as a kite or as sober as a judge, you can’t help but freak out at the pure craziness of this video – a downright fucking classic.


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