Takin’ 5: A Foolproof Summer

Gotta be honest, boys and girls – I burn easily and spend most of my time indoors. Hey, I’m a music blogger, what did you expect? With that said, there’s always something about the summer that brings out a great spirit and mood in music – and when the lovely people at 2threads and Alteec approached me about doing a summer playlist, I figured I had nothing to lose! Here is five videos and songs that sum up summer – and yes, that was totally intentional.

5. Jonathan Boulet – A Community Service Announcement

As soon as that E chord wafts in with the familiar guitar intro, I’m taken to scorching heat, cool waters and plenty of dancing. The insane video is also a treat that takes me to this mood and state of mind. No joke, the guy is a fucking visionary – it still blows my mind that it all came from his garage.

4. The Boat People – Under The Ocean

Such a simple, bright song deservedly gets an accompanying simple, bright video with the band rocking out by the shoreline. No doubt this one will be on high rotation as the weather outside gets more and more unbearable – perhaps I can live my summer vicariously through music videos?

3. Crowded House – It’s Only Natural

Insanely daggy? Oh lord yes, that’s a given. But I honestly can’t think of anything more so-daggy-it’s-awesome than rollerblading through city traffic in America in a Hawaiian shirt and playing an inflatable guitar. That’s just one of the many shenanigans that the Crowdies get up to as they roll through various citys, just mucking about. In terms of my current “summer” playlist, I’d also have to throw in Saturday Sun from this year’s Intriguer – but, really, you can’t go wrong with old school Crowded House. Ever.

2. Christina Aguilera – Candyman

This reminds me of many a summer with my sister, blasting Xtina in her car. A not-so-guilty pleasure of mine, the Candyman video still practically blinds me with its brightness and energy – no matter when or how or under what circumstances I see it, it takes me to a happier, warmer place where everything is jazzy-cool. Can’t go wrong with that!

1. Bananarama – Cruel Summer

Yeah, what? Don’t judge me, kid – I don’t care how uncool it is, Cruel Summer sums up the vibe of the “summer” thing perfectly. The music – catchy, upbeat, vibrant – and the video – bright, fun, outlandish – complement each other perfectly. How can you not love the three girls of Bananarama walking down the street in perfect unison, pretending to work in a car shop, wearing fucking overalls? I mean, come on! That’s summer perfection right there, boys and girls – and I couldn’t care less if it means I’ve no cred! Party on!

Thanks to Amanda and all at 2threads for throwing this little bit of inspiration my way. Happy summer!


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