Watch This Now: The Damned Things – “We’ve Got a Situation Here”

“I’ve been waiting patiently for the crowd to gather…”

The Damned Things don’t seem to like the phrase supergroup – even though, given the band is a bunch of dudes from Fall Out Boy, Anthrax and Every Time I Die, they pretty much are. What they’ve done instead, see, is instead of be a supergroup they’ve gone the parody route and turned themselves into superheroes!

Is this awesome? Y/Y

Watch as our heroes discover their instruments allow them superpowers which they use for both good and evil. It’s totally ridiculous, but this is the most fun any of them have had in years – you can just tell, y’know? Also be on the lookout for Brian “Metal By Numbers” Posehn in a cameo that caused a YouTube commenter to remark “Lucky bastard!” Trust me, you’ll know it when it comes. Long story short, rad video is rad. Rock on, Damned Things.


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