Takin’ 5: Four Boys From Ireland

You got it, boys and girls – today we’ll be counting down my five favourite videos from the band I’m seeing in a matter of hours – U2. Having sadly missed their Vertigo tour, I’m really excited to be a part of the massive 360 tour, with the insane device known only as…THE CLAW. Only the biggest band in the world could get away with something so crazy! Anyways, I’ve been listening to these guys for many, many years; and I really cannot wait to finally see them in the flesh. Anyways, here we go – my top five U2 videos.

5. Vertigo

As a kid, this video restored my faith in the fact that U2 could be cool. They were my favourite band in 2004, as I got their album at the time (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb) and their live DVD (Go Home) for Christmas. Was so stoked. Anyway, I still find this video so exciting – the special effects, the cool-as-shit performance style, even Bono’s strut as he sings the second verse. That’s how you do an overblown rock video, kids.

4. Elevation

Okay, so I’m not usually big on the whole music video-movie tie-in thing. Gotta love this one, though – ahead of the first Tomb Raider movie, the band are spliced in perfectly into the movie with Angelina Jolie making a guest apperance or three. At the time, this was one of the most expensive music videos ever made – and, if you ask me, worth every bloody cent.

3. Where the Streets Have No Name

At the peak of their eighties love affair with the U.S., the band filmed this one on top of a roof in LA. Over thirty thousand people showed up, and it gets a bit out of hand. God, it’s always awesome to watch, though – it’s an engaging snapshot of a time where the band were arguably at their finest, and it’s worth it purely for the onslaught of mullets you get to see throughout.

2. New Year’s Day

A simple, effective video near the very  beginnings of U2’s career. Half the band are almost unrecognisable as they perform in the middle of the snow. As much as I love this video, I can’t help but feel sorry for Larry Mullen, Jr. – the rest of the band get their instruments and all he gets is a snare drum! It’s a straightforward video, but it resonates with me heaps for some strange reason.

1. Beautiful Day

I will alway associate U2 with this video. No matter how many times I see it, I get a great sense of well-being and am consistently inspired by it. What does it? I wish I knew – the airports, the sense of adrenalin, Bono jumping around in the waiting terminal, the people coming together…it’s something. Search me. All I know is that I adore this video – to me, one of the best pop videos of the 2000s.


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