Watch This Now: Dead Letter Chorus – “Run, Wild”

“Run, let us run, let us run, let us run, wild…”

Morning, all! You’re in for another weak of the good, bad and the ugly of music videos, but I thought I’d start on a lighter note with what has to be one of the prettiest videos of the year. The lovely, lovely people of Dead Letter Chorus (remember – Chorus for Sydney, Dead Letter Circus for Brisbane) have put together a video for their second single this year which is taken from their next album, sadly yet to be released or even titled. One would hope it’s soon, though, if this adorable AV feast is anything to go by.

Not much of a plot, but follow this: pixie singer Gaby Huber wakes up on a beach, while the rest of DLC are animals in the wild. They all meet up and run. Wild. That’s about it, really – and there’s not much more you need to follow because it’s not really about the underlying story. It’s about the visuals – and believe you me, they are breathtaking. Filmed in HD and directed by Jefferton James, the thrill of the adventure is what’s key to the greatnes of this video. Poor little Gaby has no idea where she is, but she’s ready to run with it and join the animals in peace and love. Hooray! I love this band, and they’re all lovely people when I’ve met them – except Mick Faber. Not that he’s a bad guy or anything, he’s just the one member I haven’t properly met. Will have to fix this next time I see these guys at a show, and they’re seemingly always on tour so it’s not like you have an excuse, dear reader! Run wild with the gorgeous Dead Letter Chorus.

(watch in 720p or above)

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