Old Favourites: Robbie Williams – “Let Me Entertain You”

“There’s nothing left for you to fear, shake your arse, come over here…”

For the past – ooh, let’s say, ten? – years, Robbie Williams has sucked. He’s made a slew of disposable midlife-crisis pop albums like the horrendous Rudebox and resorting to shit like the ARIAs and Take That reunions to sustain any kind of public interest. There was a time, however, before the Escapology album, where the man was a prince surveyor of the pop world. Young, sexy, daring, exciting – I don’t really speak much of it now, but in term of his early years I am a big Robbie fan. This is in no small part thanks to his videos from that era, which were often quite out of the ordinary and definitely shying away from the pop conventions of the time.

Now, most in this situation would go for the Rock DJ video, off the Sing When You’re Winning record, which still continues to shock and disgust even after all these years – something I very much admire and which I may very well feature at another time. For today’s insight into how the mighty have fallen, however, I figured there was no better place than right back at the beginning. Having just left Take That, Robbie need to make a major impact – and what better way than the black-and-white rock extravaganza that is Let Me Entertain You? I remember seeing this video when I was very young and having no idea what was going on. Ten odd years on, not a lot has changed – it’s still a plotless, stupid wonder. But my fucking GOD, is it exciting and cool.

From the KISS make up to the explosions and the big, flashy dance routines, this is how you do a camp, OTT video – that’s why this works so sucessfully a both a pop and a rock video. What more can you say, really? The dude is desperate for attention these days – I’m pretty sure his last release was another greatest hits album – but if it were up to me everyone would just forget about that and rock out with their cocks out to this video. SO C’MONNN LET MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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