Watch This Now: Drapht – “Rapunzel”

“Rapunzel, better let your hair down…”

If you’ve heard the bogan equivalent of “The Real Slim Shady,” “Jimmy Recard,” then you’ve heard Drapht. Don’t let that fairly annoying track deter you, though – similar to U.K. sensation Professor Green, Drapht is an aquired taste with a high-pitched voice but is overall a worthy investment. Drapht’s album Who Am I is one of my favourite Aussie hip-hop albums of the 2000s, and I get a good feeling that his newie The Life of Riley will be a return to form if the awesome single and video “Rapunzel” is anything to go by.

Instead of what a lot of Aussie hip-hop artists do with their video – bravado, jumping in front of the camera with “the crew” and generally being dicks – Drapht has cleverly gone the route of visualising the story of the song via animation. Watch on as our hero falls in – and very quickly out of – love with Rapunzel, a demanding jezebel who brings out the worst in the protagonist. It’s very cutely animated, with nice detail on the visual metaphors that unfurl throughout the whole thing. Even if this kind of stuff isn’t normally your thing, I couldn’t recommend this higher – a clever, funny video that’s refreshing in terms of the hip-hop community nationwide. Party.


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