Watch This Now: Owl Eyes – “Faces”

“Can you hear the werewolves come around?”

Sadly don’t know too much about this one. Here’s what I’ve uncovered so far: her real name is Brooke, she’s nineteen, she’s just released her debut EP, she sings on a song with Illy, but Illy is a douche…that’s roughly it. Making it a bit hard for me to properly draft my marriage proposal, but I guess that’s how life goes.

So, onto the video itself – it’s a simple and sweet affair for Owl Eyes, with sparse backdrop and more of an emphasis on the performance side than anything else. Brooke herself looks gorgeous and glittery, swaying about an expensive-looking mic as some dude in a suit watches on. He then starts flamenco dancing. Totally friggin’ random, but it’s an odd little spectacle, and simple watching Brooke crooning the bangin’ tune itself makes it worth your time. Hope to hear more from this young lady very soon – and get this video up on Vimeo or something, love! The best I could find was this rip from rage on ABC. Not that there’s anything wrong with rage – that’s how I saw this video, after all!


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