Watch This Now: Dialectrix – “Pieces of a Puzzle”

“My wallet’s Rakim, because it’s paid in full…”

Some killer Aussie stuff has been doing the rounds of Y,WGAV! this week, but I haven’t thrown in any good hip-hop yet. So here’s one of the coolest ones I’ve seen recently, from a very cool Blue Mountains MC called Dialectrix. This comes from his second album Audio Projective and it’s an absolutely banging beat with some smooth, tongue-in-cheek flow. Of course, the video is awesome too – it wouldn’t be here otherwise, right?

So what’s going down in this vid? Dialectrix being a larrikin, basically – he raps through an empty picture frame, nods his head in a zebra-stripe hoodie and does the crazy eyes directly into the camera. Nice one. He obviously doesn’t take himself too seriously and the charm of this video is pretty hard to deny. Really enjoy this video, and I hope you Aussie hip-hop fans do the same.

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