Watch This If You Dare: 30 Seconds to Mars – “Hurricane”

“Tell me, would you kill to prove you’re right?”

The repeat offenders! First Tamara Jaber, then Vanessa Amorosi and now 30 Seconds to Mars step up to the plate as the first international act to have two terrible videos featured on Y,WGAV! Gotta say, Leto, that’s some good hustle you got there. Amazing that you’ve been able to make an even worse video than the one before it, the particularly horrid Closer to the Edge. This goes above and beyond the call of duty of bad video making – here is fifteen minutes of your life you will never get back, and millions of hard-earned dollars down the drain. And for what? Not a goddamn thing.

From all reports, this video had the working title of “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” No matter how many times you watch this – and, I hope for your sake it’s only a couple at the most – literally none of it makes any sense. Jared Leto has creepy bondage sex, his brother Shannon gets stabbed and then makes out with his assailant, and Tomo Milicevic (sp?) finds a book with a ribbon. A voiceover says something in French. Jared ends up with his shirt off in the middle of a graveyard with American flags on the coffins. Shannon goes to a park where the chick who stabbed him is…you get the idea. Actually, wait, NO YOU DON’T. BECAUSE NONE OF IT MAKES ANY FUCKING SENSE!

This band is well-known for its long-winded, pretentious bullshit that they like to pass off as “art,” but there’s nothing that is redeeming about this steaming celluloid turd – it flows as well as constipation and stinks twice as much. Seriously, 30STM, first you take Kanye off what’s probably the only really good song on your album and THEN you give it THIS fucking video? What a load of fucking crap. Please, give up. I beg you. You could be doing so many better things with your lives.


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  1. […] We don’t get a whole lot of good news in relation to shit bands here at Y,WGAV!, so I’m very happy to announce that there is a very good chance that 30 Seconds to Mars are going to break up. I thought I’d celebrate their demise by giving them Y,WGAV!’s second-ever hat trick! Formerly a title only held by Tamara Jaber, you can now add this piece-of-shit video to the rest of the fucktarded videos to come from this album, namely Closer to the Edge and the truly atrocious Hurricane. […]

  2. […] From it, we got some truly terrible clips – blow-by-blow reports on which you can find here, here and here. They’re impeccably shit videos. Apex predators walking among just plain bad videos. […]

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