Watch This Now: Two Hours Traffic – “Happiness Burns”

“This is the day you waited for, animals gather at your door…”

Just throwing it out there: Canada rules. From Leonard Cohen to the Biebs, the whole nation is infested with awesome music. Here’s another example of that – along with an awesome video – now, with British Columbian indie-folk/rock band Two Hours Traffic.

I first saw these guys opening for Dead Letter Chorus earlier in the year, and they’ve just wrapped up a massive tour with The Jezabels, where I can only assume they blew those bland turkeys off the stage as their warm-up act. This is from their latest album, Territory, and a bit like the video from fellow Canadians Arcade Fire earlier in the week, it’s a gorgeous reflection of youth – albeit a bit younger and a lot happier than the kids in the AF video.

The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking – a must-watch in HD – as the kids run amok in the forest and get in the middle of a pretty hectic waterbomb battle. The band themselves turn up a bit later, but strangely it’s like they’re not even there. No distractions needed for the little tackers at play, they’re far too busy for that kind of thing!

This is a killer video, and hopefully we’ll be able to get the Traffic guys out here for some of their own headlining shows real soon. Yes? Yes!


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