Watch This Now: Charlie Mayfair – “If I Fell Down”

And if I fell down from this cloud, would you catch me?

Here’s one that pretty much jumped out of the TV and smacked me in the face when I saw it for the first time on rage during the time off from the blog. I’m a little late, sure, but what the hey – this is an awesome new band hailing from Brisvegas, who have just made their first ever video in If I Fell Down. If you ask me, they’ve done a fucking fantastic job – especially great for a first!

Basically, the six-piece band (there’s more people since the photo above was taken!) have gone for a tripped-out gypsy theme, with each member looking quite dapper for the affair as they dance around fire, grind up tea leaves and generally be awesome. It’s a very quirky little video, with lots of cute little effects and sharp editing that will keep you interested throughout the whole thing. Doesn’t hurt that they’re a bunch of lookers, too – if you don’t end up with a schoolgirl crush on at least half of the band, you’re watching the wrong video. Much love to these guys for a stellar debut effort – be sure to check out their debut EP, Watch My Hands, too – only $7 on iTunes!

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