Watch This Now: Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette – “Hello”

“You’re alright, but I’m here darling to enjoy the party…”

You know how I always say that music videos have the potential to make good songs into great ones? I can’t think of a better recent example than French producer Martin Solveig and the awesome new video for his single Hello. On its own, it’s a pretty catchy song – Dragonette kills the vocals, and the beat is bouncy and fun. Throw it into  the middle of an eight-minute concept video about tennis, however, and you’re onto some next level shit entirely.

Complete with an eccentric manager, some documentary-style shooting and a tennis match with fellow French DJ Bob Sinclar, Solveig takes part in this awesome video as the underdog who you can’t help but cheer for as he attempts to win the match against Sinclar and win over the girl of his dreams in the crowd.

It’s silly fun, but it’s surprisingly engaging throughout the whole thing. The manager, played by one Gregory Darsa, steals the show early on with his hilarious phone discussion and his pronunciation of the word “manager” (look out for it!) and Sinclar is obviously having a ball playing the dickheaded tennis player. There’s apparently some actual tennis player cameos in there, but I don’t follow the sport so it’s all stuff and nonsense to me.

I’ve supplied both version of the video – the long and short edits. If you’re in a hurry, watch the first one but when and if you’ve got the time, you’ve just gotta check out the long one. Totally worth it!




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