Old Favourites: Silversun Pickups – “Substitution”

“You don’t wanna be held back when the substitution comes…”

Despite still being incredibly angry with Birds of Tokyo for completely dicking over Silversun Pickups on their national tour earlier this year, I will always love SSPU. Carnavas means the world to me, Swoon almost as much – and this track from the latter is one of my all-time favourite tracks from them. You know how I associate the best songs with the best videos? This is one of those times.

Here’s the brief: take a children’s game and turn into a music video. Simple? Yes, but incredibly effective. Watch on as a dozen gorgeous women encircle one another in a vicious game…of musical chairs. And wouldn’t you know it, the band themselves are the music. They stop and the game begins again. It gets seriously vicious in parts and will have you genuinely engaged until the very end when the victor stands – not too bad for a children’s game, huh? It’s all about the execution here – the closeups, the expressions et al. just make this a really full experience. You’ve just got to LOVE it!


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