Watch This Now: Gorillaz feat. Daley – “Doncamatic (All Played Out)”

“The conversation’s over, we’re all played out…”

Another band who’ve had a killer year of videos is the best band in the world who don’t actually exist – Gorillaz. Then again, is that really a surprise? They’ve got an amazing animator in Jamie Hewett and a back-history of some of the fucking coolest videos of the 2000s. No surprise whatsoever that their latest album, Plastic Beach, has been a video goldmine – the concept of the Plastic Beach has been translated beautifully to the audio-visual perspective, with a little bit of Bruce Motherfucking Willis thrown in for good measure (see: Stylo). Now, they’ve released a brand new single to be included on the re-release of Plastic Beach, and – no surprises – have thrown together an awesome video to go with it. Party!

In this aquatic adventure, suave new-kid-on-the-block Daley is commanding a miniature sub around a self-referential ocean – is that some SUPERFAST JELLYFISH he just flew past? – while singing his little song and trying to keep his hair still. A mean feat, if you ask me. It’s engaging and fun – not the best video from the Plastic Beach concept, but probably the best song. It’s hard to get over how fucking catchy this track is, and the video improves it all, really. Be sure to watch out for the gorgeous final shot with the Plastic Beach in all of its glory. Truly awesome stuff.


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