Old Favourites: Steriogram – “Walkie Talkie Man”


Okay, I’m gonna be completely honest. I have no fucking clue what the lyrics are. But that doesn’t bother me – we’re here for the music video of Steriogram, who were at one stage probably New Zealand’s biggest rock music export. We can put this down to two main reasons: the first being that New Zealand doesn’t generate that many rock bands – at least, not many good ones – and the second being that this song was freakin’ EVERYWHERE in 2004. Movies, ads, music television – you name it, Walkie Talkie Man was blaring. It also helped to have one of the coolest videos EVER accompany the whole thing, don’t y’think?

With iconic director Michel Gondry at the helm, the band rock out on knitted-wool instruments in a knitted-wool studio in the middle of a knitted-wool city that’s attacked by a knitted-wool monster. Really, on paper that’s bound to give anyone a raging clue – and it’s EVEN BETTER in actuality. Shit gets crazy as the giant dude tears up the city and rips the lead singer in half- typical Gondry nuttery – but it’s an amazing amount of fun, and immesurably clever. Can you imagine how much time and effort must have gone into making this video? From the guitars to the giant hand, it’s a wildly imaginative and brilliant creation. Sadly, the band never reached the same heights of awesome but at least they had a mountainous high with this song and video.

Now, what were the words again?


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