Old Favourites: Andy Bull – “Young Man”

“Living is just about people and love, and the rest you can forget it…”

Here’s a shout-out to a very talented dude and someone I’m very proud to know, Mr. Andy Bull. I’ve just followed the Clare Bowditch tour for two nights, where he opened each show and just nailed it. He’s really coming into his own as a songwriter and performer, so I thought I’d show some respect where respect is due and talk about one of his videos. Sadly, he hasn’t yet put videos to anything off his Phantom Pains EP, so I’ve gone with a favourite track of mine from his debut album, last year’s We’re Too Young.

Young Man features a tonne of cool effects, making it look like several Andys at once through clever split-screen and mirror imagery – remember those crazy wall of mirrors things from when you used to go to the circus? A bit like that. It’s a cute and simple video, and also shows Andy’s former hairstyle – he’s gone for the short, tussled hair now but it used to tangle all the way down to his shoulders. Very chique. Anyways, I really love this video, and the man himself – see what you think.


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