My Favourite Video: MC Bad Genius

MC Bad Genius (aka Joel Beeson) is an Australian musician.
He is best known as the bassist and keyboardist of Philidelphia Grand Jury.
But you can call them the Philly Jays.
His favourite video is Yea Yeah by Matt & Kim.

It’s a pretty simple concept, but who doesn’t enjoy a good food fight?  Nobody, that’s who.  So to make it easier to see, you make the band dress in white and paint all the instruments white and make a backdrop of a kitchen (because its a FOOD fight) white as well.  It sounds almost too simple.  And if that is all the clip was, it would possibly get boring by the end, although I’m pretty sure that I would still like the clip anyways.  But then they get cleaned up, change shirts and the food fight becomes a lot more literal, a lot more messy and a hell of a lot more ridiculous.  To be honest, I wish this clip hadn’t existed; because we always wanted to do a food fight film clip.  I guess it had already been done with “Salami Fever” by Pepe Deluxe, but this one is much better.  And its much better than the idea we had, too.


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